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Are your family relationships suddenly filled with tension, every time your partner’s name comes up?

While stressed relationships with others aren’t a sure sign of an unhealthy romance, red flags should go up if everyone who cares about you is getting worried or is being pushed away. Are you doing things you wouldn’t ordinarily do (like drinking or drugs)?

It’s much easier to for him control you when you’ve decided your loved ones just don’t understand your mate, and soon, you have no one but him to turn to. Recognize excessive jealousy or possessiveness as a danger signal.

If your partner is protective of you, that’s sweet. Consider whether she constantly nags about how long it takes you to make a trip to the market or to the post office.

Severing your ties to the familiar stability of the world you have always known means he has just made himself the center of your universe, and now has no competition for your attention. There’s just enough weirdness to make you stop and think, but not quite enough to get you to re-evaluate the entire relationship. Cutting you off from your support systems helps him gain dominance over you – and you think it’s your decision.

Have all the goals and activities that previously defined you suddenly been pushed to the back burner for no reason other than that your love is not into them?Does she randomly show up at work or drive by to check on you (particularly after a disagreement)?Does she question you too intensely about why you were talking to another person? Disbelieve you when you say that person is just a friend or work colleague? Watch for repeat offenses, shallow apologies and “courting” afterwards.Start analyzing discrepancies between what she said, and what your friends say. You forget his nastiness to their faces because he’s nice behind their backs.When you find yourself telling your mom or sister, “But, you don’t know him like I do,” that’s a bad sign.

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