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The Arabs re-emphasised their point that “no proposal which involved any form of partition or Jewish immigration would be acceptable as a basis for the solution of the problem.

In April, 1947, on the eve of our Indian independence ( with the MJs'I'L.- :. V* M f Y • Of' li.l'/O ivi : i • ' ' It,,/, f-htss.: X t|/ j j j 1 1 • f I* ■ f : i ! , It t « * • I :: p- ■ t « - 1 * 1 : ; f * * 9 r ■ ■» ; * « j */-,» s’ • V f * s’ , « ; f*i * *** J - ♦ T* * * * » t ; • * 1 * J * l 1 * .

Malaya, India, Indo-China, Israel, Iran, Egypt, USSR etc. The neo-Platonic philosophy, which developed in the school of Alexandria, was the result of fusion of Hindu and Hellenistic thought and culture which frater- nised for ages (300 B. Fouchcr in his Jirt/innin the goddess Astarte appears from Bethal site where nooks' homes with plastered hoot and stone-lined drains have been found. MOO 3200 B C.’i prove imported culture from Greece as also from Cyprus. With the extension of contacts the Israelites began infiltrating into the land which, in a truncated form, emerged as Israeli ox today. Sylvain Levi in his study on the “Baveru Jataka”, an early Buddhist text which faithfully transcribed the name Baby- lon from Babirus, the province of the Empire of Darius (522- 485) who remembered how the crafty Phoenician merchant sailors were superseded by the Ionian Greek mariners, who became his subjects. Jewish scholars, artists and scientists, from Spinoza to Einstein, enriched their native culture and also illumined the thoughts of mankind.i * ) Southern branch “who ranged from Indo-China to Malaysia and thence to Polynesia.” This hypothesis of Keane would explain the prevalence of the Mar ah and other monolithic structures scattered in the whole - Pacific as far as the Easter Island and culminating, in the works of Ponape (East Carolinas), with the Cyclopean walls.No less astonishing is the fact that the Nukuor Islanders ( Central Carolinas) still speak the pure but archaic from of the Maori language of New Zealand which is linguistically and culturally connected with the Hawaiian in the North Pacific. 1S1EW ASIA : Dedicated to Jawaharlal Nehru 1 — 124 First Asian Relations Conference in Delhi (1947) Different Delegations : Burma, Ceylon. 125 — 256 Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestinology, Turkey, Saudi Arabia Jordon and Egypt. The Government guide invited me to enter (after many years) the tombs of the Pyramid of Gizeh. PACIFIC WORLD : Dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore 257—574 Australasia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Polynesia, Indo-China, China, Japan, Pre-history and Proto-history of Asia. ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY ABROAD : 576-686 Dedicated to Dr. ANCIENT ANNALS From the very modern history of Egypt, my memory delved deep into its very ancient annals not written on papers or papyrus, but'on tools of the early metal age or even of the pre-metal stone ages.

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