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We use regular expressions for force user to pick a strong password.Regular expressions provide us pattern-matching functionality. using regular expressions we can search a string inside a string, replace one string with another string and also define string validation pattern.Client side validation is done by using Javascript.Javascript validation is one of the common features used by language.Like we don't actually know what x is (we happen to know it can be either 2 or -2 though) The hash is of a different order though because an infinite number of (theoretical, computers can't handle the longest of the set of all strings, it is too large! If I know it's a pin-number suppose, suppose your pin number is , and P is 1 of 10,000 values, 0000 to 9999 inclusive.So I can just do 10k hashes (worst case) and get your pin.Interactive websites contains dynamic content that requires user input and that input must be valid Now, lets run our sample, and check whether it validate form data or not.Left all the fields blank with null values and try to submit, the form will immediately popup a message “User Name must be filled”.

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Also I've read a tutorial (which unfortunately I can't find anymore) where it was recommended to give the users hints and tips about their input, instead of giving them a big bold red warning. Just posting a class is not very useful for making OP a better coder.

For example to accept not only Would you care to explain this class? Also, why is there a static Yes you are right , we can use construct. I have created class here because you can keep all validations in single class and you can use it according to the rule that you are looking for. Think like the user: the user will never see your code and is only interested in his current task (in this case, to create an account).

Please save me from going round the twist because of this annoying code.

Alternately you can help me fix my code, which is below.

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Like following i have used regular expressions for password validation.

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