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The tide went all the way out and the boat was left standing on the wing keel.I would never have believed it NOR would I have set out to try such a thing but I have BTDT by accident.We ran aground behind Sheffield Island on an ebbing tide.Wing keels are notoriously difficult to get off a grounding.

Of course this requires that the the boat will balance OK on the keel. Even then your will need to support longitudinally the boat unless it has a full keel.As Charlotte works through the night in the lab on a project given to her by Maltravers, the lights suddenly cut out and she sees a shadowy figure in the doorway which looks terrifyingly like her father, Richard Arc.She flees the lab, distraught, and is found by Dorian who comforts her in the only way he knows how...According to Cooper he is not doing well and they need a new 'hourglass' to continue.Charlotte introduces herself to Theo, and invites him for tea in her room with a few people.

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Maltravers and Cooper stand in front of the Trinity crest with the flashing light.

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