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The three locations used in this study are location 1 (Tristeinen, red T, 63.87°N, 9.62°E), location 2 (Rataren, two cage arrays, red R, at 63.781°N, 8.517°E, and 63.783°N, 8.523°E) and location 3 (Korsneset, red K, 63.143°N, 8.225°E). doi: 10.3354/aei00108 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Broch OJ, Daae RL, Ellingsen IH, Nepstad R, Bendiksen EÅ, Reed JL and Senneset G (2017) Spatiotemporal Dispersal and Deposition of Fish Farm Wastes: A Model Study from Central Norway. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms.The coordinates refer to the location of the middle of the cage arrays at the time when the MOM surveys were carried out. A number of studies and models have been published internationally focusing on the same general subject matter. doi: 10.1016/j.jmarsys.20 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Wu, Y., Chaffey, J., Law, B., Greenberg, D. The present study adds to the existing literature by including three dimensional current fields in high spatiotemporal resolution for a full production cycle and resuspension processes in the simulations, as well as by contrasting three sites of different oceanographic characteristics by a novel location specific metric. Exposed fish farms are often located near islands or skerries providing shelter from rough seas, but there is also great spatiotemporal variability of currents in fjords.In the present study farm locations with three different oceanographic characteristics were chosen: a fjord location, a semi-exposed location with moderate current speeds, and an exposed location with high current speeds and a dynamic environment.Records on feed used for each cage at each location were converted to feces released based on a published mass balance model.The results from the simulations were compared with scores from corresponding mandatory benthic surveys (MOM-B) of the sediment layer beneath the farms.

It is therefore likely that with the present cultivation technology the average production at each location will further increase, with an ensuing increase in the local release of particulate and dissolved organic matter leading to a potentially higher impact on the pelagic and benthic (Mazzola et al., 2000; Carroll et al., 2003; Kalantzi and Karakassis, 2006).The correspondence between simulated and measured thickness of the sediment layer was good, and improved with the inclusion of resuspension processes.At all sites the distribution of organic matter in the bottom layer was non-homogeneous, with significant temporal variation and transport and settling of matter up to at least 0.5 km away from one of the farms.The results of the model framework are useful for managing the aquaculture industry and in production planning at single locations, e.g., by estimating the potential for increasing production or the need for biomass reduction at a site. The farm layout and orientation of cage arrays may also be evaluated using the tools presented here. A three-dimensional hydrodynamic model for aquaculture: a case study in the Bay of Fundy.

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