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But she tried her best to concentrate on work for what turned out to feel like very long hours until she could see Lena again.When she did Kara had to remind herself that Lena wasn't dating her, she was dating Supergirl, because the moment she saw her again she just wanted to pull her into her arms and kiss her.Disclaimer: I do not own Supergirl or anything to do with DC.I do not make any money from the writing of this story.As you know, the Patriots eventually came back from 25 points and Bouchard held up her end of the bargain, taking 20-year-old Missouri student John Goehrke to sit courtside at a Brooklyn Nets game.The two hit it off so well that Bouchard told media outlets there was a good chance of the couple getting together again and, lo and behold, the two showed up on social media together on Wednesday.

You gotta hear his 2 reasons -- the main reason being Michelle's stellar example.Because why would the gorgeous Lena Luthor feel a drop of modesty discovering she was naked in bed with another girl?It was a new experience for Kara though, and she really wasn't sure what to do or say. "Hi." Lena chuckled, and then after a brief pause casually asked, "So, time travel? " Kara frowned in confusion, lifting her head up again.“That was the best I’ve slept in a year,” Ratchford wrote beside an angel emoji. It must be noted that Thompson did not appear in any of the photos.Which means either A)Klay wasn’t there, like when someone spray painted her own name on his balcony while he was gone, B)Klay didn’t want to be in the photos, or C)Klay didn’t know Ratchford snapped a couple pics.

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