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What she does not realize is that the lady sitting next to her has not stopped staring at her beautiful body.

Over the last few months, Line has been fantasizing about Renee.

One of them was a single mother of one boy, the other married with two boys -- and her husband and children were away for the weekend.

Line is a cute French lady with short dark hair, a single mother wearing glasses.

She drove vehicles for the military from limousines and staff cars to big fuel trucks.

A hard-dedicated worker, very proud to a member of the Air Force. Married with two boys, she developed a reputation of cheating on her husband and ex-boyfriends before her marriage with all the men she desired.

What nobody noticed was two women sitting beside each other, talking about their monotonous lives at home.After hanging their coats in the closet, both women kissed deeply with their hands all over each other. You know where it is in this military home." Renee said while eagerly staring at Line's huge bulging booty and thick legs walking slowly crossing the kitchen and going towards the bathroom. After putting her jacket on the couch, she got herself a glass of water while Line was looking at herself in the mirror after flushing the toilet.Renee held Line's hand leading her into the living room, where both women sat down on the couch holding hands. " Line said kissing Renee's lips without giving her the time to finish her sentence. Line smiled as she saw her friend standing behind her with her light blue shirt with medium hard boobs.Line could feel Renee's soft hands caressing her huge bulging calves and thighs along with nice hard kisses all over them.Quickly Renee lifted Line's skirt up to reveal her unbelievable huge derriere. With one finger, Renee inserted it right into Line's pussy.

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