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Resumption of marital relations changes the separation date.

Resumption of marital relations usually would involve moving back into the same home and residing together. - if you have accumulated property and debts during the marriage, you must have a conversation about how the property will be divided.

To Jim – I first met Christopher Reeve on the set of the first Superman movie being filmed in London.

We met again in 1994, just a few scant months before his accident.

He told me he often dreamed of swimming in a meet — and winning.

The time that he did that Super Bowl ad — the controversial one that showed him standing — it was so liberating for him.

His lobbying for stem-cell research also generated controversy, and he loved that, too.

Matters of custody, support, property and alimony, if they must be resolved in court, they probably should be handled in the county in which you or the children live. Separation - you must live apart for at least one full year.

Living in separate bedrooms or absence of sexual relations is not legal separation.

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