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In his understated and unorthodox way he had set forth the main lines of Chinese policy, he had made clear the features that he considered very important, and that other things could fall into place.

At a maximum, we tried to get Russia and China to slow down the provision of aid to North Vietnam somewhat. Grant visited China on a world tour after leaving office.Upon being introduced to Nixon for the first time, Mao, speaking through his translator, said to Nixon: "I believe our old friend Chiang Kai-shek would not approve of this".As an observer of the Mao-Nixon meeting, Lord noted: The meeting lasted for about an hour.The Chinese clearly must have been puzzled by this, but they readily went along with this request.Although Nixon was in China for a week, this would be his only meeting with the top Chinese leader.

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One of the main reasons Richard Nixon became the 1952 vice-presidential candidate on the Eisenhower ticket was his strong anti-communist stance. Air Force One landing in Beijing on February 21, 1972.

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