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For each meal, guests will receive two (2) tokens / adult and one (1) token / child that can be used for choosing between the following drinks: sparkling water (500 ml), sodas (500 ml), juices (500 ml), beer (500 ml).Water dispensers for still water are available for free in the restaurant during breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets.

The guests can serve their meals inside in a non-smoking area or in the open air on the terrace at only a few steps away from the sea shore.

The hotel has a lounge-bar with terrace (Junona) and a classic restaurant (Jupiter) with 2 distinct saloons, one for serving breakfast and buffet meals, and one for “a la carte service”, both with terraces overlooking the beach and the Black Sea.

Meals services paid in advance including breakfast and half-board (lunch) are served as a buffet for the high season and for the mid and low season only if the minimum number of 40 participants is met.

Jupiter Restaurant offers unlimited options for serving a fresh, generous and diversified breakfast every morning between 07.00 till 10.00 hours or a lunch buffet between 12.30 and 14.30 hours.

Exclusively for organized groups or events (over 40 persons) the hotel can organize also buffet dinners, between 18.30 - 20.30 hours.

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The Sea View rooms are priced higher than the Standard ones which are western, southern or northern oriented. Some of the Standard, Junior and Family rooms are slightly larger, but with smaller balcony.

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