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So, maybe to explain a little: As an Icelander, I like to drink.

And specially when Icelanders are on a holiday, we crave for cold beers or a refreshing mojito …

Is the Red city – Marrakech, Morocco on the top of your list of next possible travel adventures? In the moment this is written, I am enjoying a fresh berber mint tea in a beautiful riad in the heart of Marrakech medina, absolutely in love with this place! Food in Morocco: If I had to pick only one thing that I love the absolute most when it comes to magical Morocco, it has to be the local food.

The amazing mediterranean / arabic cuisine is unique and as fresh as it gets with almost every single ingredient locally grown – ranging from meats to an incredible selection of vegetables, fruits and spices.

We had a nice balcony and swimming pool at our own hotel but we wanted to change our environment (& maybe snap a few photos as well! The La Mamounia Hotel has been awarded the best hotel in the world & has been around forever, with a record of guests like Winston Churchill and more.

Every taxi driver knows the location but it’s also in just a 3-5 minutes walking distance from Jemaa el-Fnaa.

However, I never found myself insecure or threatened by anyone in Morocco.

Hammams can be found all around Marrakech but I have twice visited the wonderful Heritage spa that offers an incredible “Romantic Couple Treatment” where you can enjoy a mix of relaxation, hammam bath and massages that lasts for up to 3 hours!

Coming from cold Iceland, I cannot imagine a more enjoyable moment than dining on a delicious Tajine while sunbathing and having a terrific overview of the beautiful Marrakech.

Most days you will also get a good view of the not so distant Atlas Mountains and it’s also great for people – And animal watching!

Morocco is famous for its riads; A large traditional house built around a central courtyard, often with a fountain or a pool in the middle.

Today, many opportunists have changed riads into small hotels/hostels.

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