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Khalifa’s unapologetic choice to use her body to succeed makes people incredibly angry.

Her social media account is a testament to just how much hatred she gets on a daily basis.

It seems hypocritical to sneer at a person because they don't work in the industry you'd have chosen.

Of course, people are scared of success that they don't understand.

After all, they are bright, intelligent and brave young women who refuse to be stopped from doing what they love, even in the face of death threats.

“It’s not something I’d make a career out of, but I’ll ride it out 'til I can’t do it anymore,” she’s said.

Khalifa’s Amazon wish-list is full of books, from the Complete Works of Shakespeare to Speaking like a CEO. And the answer is that high profile women aren’t supposed to have sex at all, let alone on camera.

Regardless of whether the books and her trademark black rimmed glasses are real or feigned, they’re a masterstroke in personal branding. High profile women are supposed to be “above” that.

"Help" is the first feature film by the young Lebanese director Marc Abi Rached.

Lebanese authorities initially gave it the green light on two conditions: that it be restricted to viewers 18 years old or older and that an image of female genitals be blurred. While the preview went ahead as planned on February 12, three days before nationwide release the authorisation was suddenly revoked.

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"Help" has turned out to be highly controversial, not least because the lead actress, Joanna Andraos, the daughter of a Lebanese MP, appears fully naked. First they give us a licence, and then they take it back. Furthermore, the whole thing is being politicised and some people are cashing in on the dispute.

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