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, Robert Redford acts as Bill Mckay, a political neophyte who is drafted out of the blue into a race for the U. Therefore, he tweaks the political establishment at every turn. With no chance whatsoever of winning, Mckay is given a free hand to say whatever he likes on the stump.Yet he became one of the most iconic stars of his generation.”Falk romanced college sweetheart Alyce Mayo for 12 years before marrying in 1960, then relentlessly cheated on her.“He was an incorrigible philanderer,” says Lertzman.“On every film set he was pursuing other women.Alyce turned a blind eye to his infidelities but it hurt and finally she had enough.”They divorced in 1976 and the next year Falk married his longtime mistress, actress Shera Danese, 22 years his junior.However, as a result of a series of unexpected developments, he keeps rising in the polls.By Election Day, he is neck and neck with his more seasoned opponent and the race goes to the wire.But in 2006 Falk’s own memory began to fade precipitously.“He was unhappy, and that hastened his decline,” says Lertzman.“He also had dental surgery and hip surgery and was never the same after the anaesthesia, which seemed to exacerbate his Alzheimer’s.

Catherine claimed that she and her sister Jackie had been barred from seeing their father for months, as Shera allegedly slammed the door on them when they visited.

It was that raincoat.”Falk became TV’s highest paid actor, earning 0,000 per episode by the final season but he always found acting hard work.“It’s never been fun for me,” he confessed.

“Creating is so hard.” But success went to Falk’s head and he became obsessively controlling over every role.“He made life a living hell for TV and film directors, arguing over every line and every camera angle,” says Birnes.“He became notorious for delaying filming and sending budgets soaring.“Many studios would not approve a project that had Peter attached to it.

He was never happier than when he was out drinking with his friends.”Columbo is unthinkable without Falk, yet surprisingly he was not the producers’ first choice.

The role had been created on stage by Thomas Mitchell who had played Vivien Leigh’s father in Gone With The Wind but he died before the TV movie was filmed.“They wanted Bing Crosby initially,” says Lertzman.“But he was busy playing golf and didn’t want the grind of a TV series.

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The CIA laughed him out of the building.“He wanted to be a rifleman but was rejected on account of his one eye. He ended up working as an efficiency expert for the Budget Bureau of the state of Connecticut.”Trying his hand at acting, his agent warned Falk that with only one eye he would never make it in film or TV.

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