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An and always in the code module of the worksheet, whenever the value of any cell on the worksheet is changed by user input or by other VBA code (but not if the change in value is a result of a formula calculation). The events and their procedure declarations are fixed.You must not alter the name or parameter list of an event procedure. The events are "hard coded" into the object, such as a Worksheet, and may not be changed.Many websites offers end-of-day historical quotes – this can often be downloaded into a spreadsheet via a programmable web API.The Bulk Stock Quote Downloader, for example, retrieves stock quotes from Yahoo Finance.If you are programming with your own custom classes, you can extend the functionality of these classes by defining and raising your own custom events, broadcasting the event message to any object that is listening for events from your class.

The declaration will tell you what the parameters for the event are, but you will still need to use Help to obtain a description of the meaning and usage of the parameters.

The setting, discussed later, has no effect on events of user forms or controls on user forms.

For information about supressing events for controls on a form, see Suppressing Events In User Forms.

(See the notes on Chart Objects and Charts in the blue box in the objects.

For help on a particular object or event, select it in the Object Browser and press F1 for Help on that topic (note that not all events are documented -- you may have to access event information by going through the object to which the event belongs.

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