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When did they ever stay silent on their pet project of gun control?Here’s where her disconnect with reality once again rears it head. ) Yet, later in the chapter, she gleefully recounts how she pounded on Bernie Sanders because he voted against a certain gun control bills because he knew it was how his constituency wanted him to vote.

I guess they don’t count because they aren’t of the right skin tone or country of origin. Simply put, I quit counting the number of times she wrote about meeting with the mother/daughter/sister/wife of someone killed by a cop.

Cops, all cops because of the way she phrased the first sentence, have that implicit bias. This chapter is her setting herself up as a champion of those done wrong by the police and, I know this will shock you, the leading advocate for gun control.

It doesn’t matter who the cop is, what his or her racial background might be or their training or the circumstances in which they find themselves. She is subtle, unless you really take time to consider her words, in this chapter.

After spending page after page describing all these cases where cops killed civilians, usually young black men, she decided to find an instance where a cop was killed to help sell her point that we need stronger gun control laws. The ambush in downtown Dallas in the summer of 2016.

Five officers from DPD and Dallas Transit Authority were killed. Not once in the single paragraph she mentions the ambush in does she say anything more than they were killed by a sniper. No matter how much she protests in the chapter that the voters misunderstood her message about gun control, that the NRA took what amounted to a political hit out on her to keep her from office and that Trump is evil because guns or something, her message was all too clear.

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