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Investigation of specific online locations can be initiated through: The FBI exercises jurisdiction and investigative responsibilities pursuant to federal statutes pertaining to various violent crimes against children found in the Federal Criminal Code and Rules under Title 18 of the United States Code.

Some CST offenders, usually novices to the commercial sex trade, plan their travel through U.

Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, and Brazil are also emerging destinations for CST. The FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division—of which the VCAC program is a part—in conjunction with the International Operations Division, has implemented joint operations overseas with governments in some of the top CST destination countries in Southeast Asia.

An estimated 25 percent of child sex tourists in the above Southeast Asian countries are U. citizens, whereas an estimated 80 percent of CST offenders in Latin American countries are U. Based on the success of these operations, the CST initiative has expanded into selected countries in Latin America. The VCAC program coordinates all efforts with FBI legal attachés in these countries to provide training, equipment, and logistical support to these joint operations.

Investigation into these activities determined that adults were routinely using computers to transmit sexually explicit images to minors and, in some instances, to lure minors into engaging in illicit sexual activity.

Further investigation and discussions with experts, both within the FBI and in the private sector, revealed that the use of computer telecommunications was rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent techniques by which some sex offenders shared pornographic images of minors and identified and recruited children into sexually illicit relationships.

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