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But what the Buzzer is doing, or who is broadcasting it, remains a mystery - with theories ranging from the Russian military to alien research.

Scroll down for video Since the 1970s, a buzzing noise has been playing from a mysterious Russian radio station, along with intermittent code words and numbers.

Instead, the most commonly believed theory is that the Buzzer is a combination of two things.

One theory is that the Buzzer acts as a 'Dead Man's Switch.' In the case of a nuclear attack against Russia, MDZh B would stop playing the buzz, and launch an automated counter-strike (pictured is a 1950s atom bomb)Another theory is that MDZh B is being used to detect how far away missiles are.Phyfe a freshman from Waverly-Shell Rock got the start tonight ahead of senior Bennett Koch.UNI led by as many as 15 points in the first half and stretched the advantage to 23 points in the second half. An officer for a contractor who admitted falsifying and submitting invoices that resulted in nearly 8,000 in overcharges to the Iowa Transportation Department has been sentenced to supervised release.And secondly, Russia may use the station in moments of crisis, instructing their worldwide spy network and military forces to standby in certain areas.This feature was recently tested, according to Maris Goldmanis, a radio enthusiast who regularly listens to the station.

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