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(B) Bar graph of main results, averaged across subjects (N = 16; error bars = ±1SEM).

Horizontal dashed line indicates general attractiveness (mean attractiveness score for all faces averaged across all subjects).

Millions of people use online dating sites each day, scanning through streams of face images in search of an attractive mate.

Face images, like most visual stimuli, undergo processes whereby the current percept is altered by exposure to previous visual input.

Stimuli depicted are examples of photographs taken of men who consented to have their images reproduced for scientific communication.

300 faces were briefly presented in a random sequence and participants made a binary attractiveness judgement about each one: attractive or not attractive.

Our findings show that a binary attractiveness rating of a given face is strongly biased by the face seen immediately prior.

1A) and the next face followed immediately.(A) General procedure (arrows and labels are for illustrative purposes only and were not visible during the experiment).

(D) Time course of the [t − 1] inter-trial effect plotted over 10 intervals of 30 trials showing the effect of the preceding face’s attractiveness on the current trial was consistent across the entire trial block.

The dashed horizontal line indicates general attractiveness as in panel (B).

We designed a binary task mimicking the selection interface currently popular in online dating websites in which observers typically make binary decisions (attractive or unattractive) about each face in a sequence of unfamiliar faces.

Our findings show that binary attractiveness decisions are not independent: we are more likely to rate a face as attractive when the preceding face was attractive than when it was unattractive.

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Sixteen female undergraduate students from the University of Sydney served as participants, with half the group (n = 8) judging the attractiveness of Set A faces and the other half the Set B faces (the complementary sets to be used later).

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