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how to edit/build/run Pocket Sphinx examples like Hello World ( (By the way, I think that's better way to use Ant for to Sphinx4, rather than Eclipse/Net Beans, I need to find how to execute with Ant).From my point of view it is partially because of mess what is where in the websites and documentation.In the end, your own pronunciation table should have about 40 phonemes. POCKETSPHINX VS SIMONI don't know why I thought that Simon is speech synthesizer.So create your own phoneme table (and invent the missing "Arpabet" phonemes). I watched the video and I see it is really good speech recognition engine. I've got unexpectedly many problems with things which should be the simplest possible in CMU Sphinx, i.e.Once a voicebank is loaded there will be a prompt in the command line window asking for output format.Phoneme-to-Speech Alignment Toolkit based on liblrhsmm Proudly crafted in C and Lua. SHIRO is a set of tools based on HSMM (Hidden Semi-Markov Model), for aligning phoneme transcription with speech recordings, as well as training phoneme-to-speech alignment models.I don't know which line endings are accepted by Sphinx (CR/LF (Win) or LF (Unix) or CR (Mac)). You can take a look at cmudict to find out which line endings they are using (I assume that they are using LF (Unix)). The standard 8-bit character encoding for the Polish alphabet is ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2), I guess it can be done with Word/Word Pad.

LIST OF ALL SOUNDS IN WRITTEN (ORDINARY) FORM ORTOGRAPHYThis is list which I created from memory a ą b c ć cz d dz dż dź e ę f g h=ch i j k l ł m n ń o p r s ś sz t u=ó w y z ź ż=rz. Ź/Z(I), Ś/S(I); UPPER-CASE "J"I noticed that some indicates both ś and s(i) as the same IPA sound. From Wikipedia it looks like both are encoded with the same IPA sound. If I remember properly, this "i" letter also makes the letter just before softer. Can you give me any link to full list of Arpabet symbols, not only limited to English Arpabet abbreviations?

I need to switch to Linux completely but it requires some time to change habits :-P.

Take a look into the Polish Wiktionary Unfortunately this Linkujące/Aneks: IPA is rather poor IPA dictionary. COPYING IPA FROM WIKIDICTIONARY TO NOTEPADI entered Polish Wikidictionary and tried to copy IPA from pięć to notepad and MS Word but it created rectangles instead of some IPA characters.

I am using both on two different hard drives (swappable).

I need Win XP (Windows Movie Maker) for the creation of videos like Dictation under Ubuntu: 148 German words recognized correctly.

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