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" After a Los Angeles-based scientist backed out of the documentary, Fogel was referred to Grigory Rodchenkov, head of Russia's anti-doping program, to help administer hormone injections and smuggle his urine samples to Russia for testing. with Fogel's help and confessed on camera that he oversaw the swapping out of hundreds of athletes' urine samples during the Sochi games.But their relationship took a bizarre turn in November 2015, when news reports alleged that Rodchenkov was a key figure in Russia's state-sponsored doping program during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. "It all unfolded very quickly," producer Dan Cogan says. In 2014, playwright-turned-filmmaker Bryan Fogel set out to make a gonzo documentary (streaming on Netflix Friday) about steroid use in the vein of 2004's , in which Morgan Spurlock ate only Mc Donald's for a month to show the effect of fast food on the body.

Their pact delivers far more than the fledgling documentarian ever imagined — during the course of filming, Fogel discovers that Rodchenkov masterminded a state-sanctioned doping program that helped Russian athletes earn 13 gold medals at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.Spending two months in Russia as a 30-year-old single woman is similar to what I envision military training being like.You come in terrified and weak; you leave tough and tempered and strengthened by the realization that nothing, IN: Feminism. I assume I’m not the only one tired of getting labeled a gold-digger at the mere mention of my country of origin, because never have Russian women been so adamant about debunking cliché stereotypes by appearing self-sufficient and financially independent. ) Meanwhile, men are allowed to be old, overweight and, if budget permits, even equipped with a few extra girlfriends. Due to steep competition and the aforementioned fear of aging, Russian girls strive to maintain perfection at all cost, even if that means pumping themselves with fillers at the (hillside) age of 23.Feminism, once a dirty word, is becoming prevalent both in the media and the arts, and the younger generation of women is eagerly jumping on board. Personally, I had no idea that there are so many body parts you can inject that stuff into – did you know that you can now create the illusion of a nose job via fillers?! Or at least, so it seems, judging by the amount of little brats running around and ruining your lunch.They live alone, the have real careers, they pay rent and they are most definitely not “for sale” – or, at least, this is the image they aim to project. (Sadly, there is still nothing to pump up the brain, but I remain hopeful.) If they are not filling, they are Botoxing (wait, is there a difference? Since Russians believe in giving birth when your ovaries are at their prime, most women equip themselves with mini ball & chain sets while they are still in their twenties, which has transformed my native Saint-Petersburg into an oasis of jungle gyms and playgrounds and kid-friendly mini malls. Much to my personal horror, this trend – or rather, societal disease – has swept Russia by storm.

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